Friday, September 19, 2008

5 photos i wish i had taken

1. when i was 15 i got to meet Hugh Hefner and i did not have a camera so that was a moment i lost.

2. While traveling to Alaska i looked out my window and got a great view of Mt. McKinley i did not think to get a pic of it till hours later.

3. At best friends wedding i did not bring my camera i have allot of photos that the photographer took but known of what i got to see.

4. A year ago i was in Iraq and while traveling to a crashed plane we got to go threw allot of little towns and see allot of another countries people at the time it meant nothing however 3 days later on our way back one of the towns was gone, the US had destroyed it because it was a bomb making facility. i wish i would have gotten some of the last photos to share with the pilots and other crew that help fight the war.

5. I have been a fan of motocross my whole life and last year i went to the US open i dropped my camera before we even got to our seats so i never got to take any pics of the event.
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