Sunday, September 14, 2008

5 Photographs that I wish I had taken

#1 - Mother black bear and three cubs - We were driving down the Parks Highway and I had just put my camera down after having held it for several hours in the hopes of seeing wildlife. Suddenly we came around a curve and there they were, a sow and three cubs, lined up across the road. They were gone before I was able to get my seatbealt off and the camera turned on and focused.

#2 - Rainbow in the clouds - I was driving my husband home from North Pole. I looked up at the sky and there was a small cloud drifting in front of larger clouds. This one small cloud was like a puffy rainbow floating across the sky. Were we were at, i did not have a safe place to pull over and I missed it. I may never have the chance of seeing that again.

#3 - An Accident on Danby and the Johansen - The other day I was driving to Barnes and Noble and we came up on a serious accident at the stop light for Danby and the Johansen. I had the urge to stop and take pictures, but I passed it by as I have always disliked ambulance chasers and did not want to seem to be one of those type of people. However, I also missed getting some very interesting and dramatic photos.

#4 - A two particular photos at my son's graduation - In a way this falls into the category of a missed and a failed photograph. Because my husband works at the same high school his children go/went to, he is eligible to hand their diplomas to them at their graduations. My camera did not focus fast enough and I missed the moment when Scott handed Scotty his diploma, and the photograph of the hand shake that came after it was blurry. I will NEVER have that moment again and I am still upset that I missed catching it for my husband.

#5 - Adam and Alan - When I was about 13 two of my cousins perished in a fire. Adam and Alan were twins, and were only four years old when they started a fire in their bedroom with an old lighter. The day before most of us cousins (and there are a lot of us) had been at my grandmother's house. I was trying to get pictures of everyone with my little 110. I never managed to get both of them to stand still at the same time. I did manage to get them separately, each wearing their "twin shirts." One said I'm Alan on the front and He's Adam on the back, the other was the opposite. It is a picture no one had ever gotten, and no one ever will.
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