Saturday, September 20, 2008

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Thinking back of the 5 photos I wish I would have taken would be:
1. Living in Florida it doesn't snow..well much! When I lived there, one winter it snowed. It was absolutely beautiful with the sun hitting it. It was a time that would be wonderful to be relived.
2. When my daughter was just 4 months old (about 6 lbs), my husband was deployed to Iraq. When he returned she was 8 mths and had doubled in size. I would give anything to be able to have captured the look on his face when he first saw her.
3. In ohio, my husband owns 44 acres of land that has barns, pens, and an old house on it. The mixture of these creates such a wonderful landscape to capture in pictures.
4. There are so many times I wish I would have been able to take pictures of the night sky. Between the Northern Lights and stars in the sky, it creates a wonderous landscape.
5. I wish I would have also taken a picture of my daughter taking her first steps. The look of accomplishment on her face was absolutely exhilerating.
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