Sunday, September 14, 2008

Five Pictures I Did Not Take

1. Last Summer, in the slough behind our house, there was a large white swan swimming with several ducks. By the time I ran in the house and got my camera, they had gone around the bend and were out of sight.

2. Our resident moose, who had spent her first winter huddled by our house after her mother was killed, had her first calf last year. She proudly walked it up to our kitchen bay window as if to pose for pictures. The battery in my camera was dead and I missed the shot.

3. While on vacation in D.C. this past summer, there were several severe wind storms - knocking out power and downing trees. The house around the corner from my brother-in-laws house had a large tree crash through the roof and second story.

4. Years ago, the Oscar Mayer "Wierner Mobile" came to Fairbanks. As a child growing up in Milwaukee, I had seen it many times and had even ridden in it. I came to the store that I was working at, but I had forgotten to bring my camera that day.

5. When the KC-135 exploded on the runway at Eielson, I was working not far from the flightline. The explosion was heard for miles and the flames shot high in the air. This would have been a great photo experience.
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