Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Fuji Reviews

I will be summarizing the information from 3 reviews which I found regarding my camera Fuji S1000fd.

Three strengths of this camera are:
1. 12x optical zoom
2. full manual controls even though its a small camera
3. relatively inexpensive for those of us moving up from a smaller point and shoot

Three weaknesses are:
1. user camera shake is very apparent without having an image stabilization feature
2. slow start up time and long shutter lag
3. bad high ISO image noise

Although there is a lot of review information out there on this camera, I choose these strengths and weakness based on my experiences with this camera. My bottom line conclusion: Its a great little camera that gets me one step closer to a larger slr. It has lots of manual controls but also shoots exceptionally well in auto mode. However, without an image stabilization feature, some of the shots come out blurry.

Reviews can be found at:
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