Thursday, September 25, 2008

Camera Reviews: Nikon D200

Nikon D200 Reviews
-=- 1 November 2005 -=-

Review was, overall, quite complimentary, extolling first the D200’s ergonomic design then, the generous size of the viewfinder and an enthusiastic “two thumbs up” for the 2.5” display. Direct comparisons were made to Nikon’s D2X hinting the D200 is on par with “professional” grade cameras. The review commented on every aspect of the D200 – metering, auto focus, image quality, white balance, etc. all with favorable comments.
( December 30, 2005)

D200 imaging resolution and color reproduction was favorable. No side by side comparisons with Canon EOS 5D or 20D and Nikon’s D2X was actually provided but author suggested such would be fair. A technical analysis reveals the D200 tested provided a 4.9% over saturation and 7.37 color error. Not mentioned was how this anomaly is manifested in the product of day to day shooting. No matter, if my job was to photograph gray scales and test targets, I’d want to know where my strength lay.

Again, suggestion the D200 is a professional camera, or at least can function as one. The rubberized grip is the author’s first stop on a feature by feature exploration of the D200. As in the previous reviews, it is difficult to find negative comments but the author manages to poot out, “Unfortunately the Nikon D200 is short of the handy compartment meant for storing the (remote control terminal) cap”. Otherwise, while the language between reviews differs, admiration of the Nikon D200 remains constant. The review’s author states, ”The overall design of the Nikon D200 is guaranteed to meet virtually all one's wishes and requirements. It truly is an extraordinarily equipped digital reflex camera, whose arrival has been more than eagerly anticipated by Nikon fans”

Sturdy construction
Large Viewfinder
Excellent Metering

Built in flash awkwardly placed
Viewing lens a little close to camera
Possible to accidentally move focus selector
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