Saturday, September 13, 2008

5 photos I wish I had taken

Photo one: "candles burn out" The night my boyfriend had surprised me with a candle light picnic was one of the best nights of my life, but than the same time the worst because I didn't remember to grab a camera. People tell me "its just a memory" but I would of loved to capture it.

Photo two: "after the -i do's- was a I-don't" My first wedding I shot was one in the family, my oldest sister was marrying the man of her dreams. At the time I was just shooting with a point and shoot. I did bring two in case anything happened.. however... before the beautiful bride walked down the isle, the battery died in one. Than as soon as the service was over, the other camera fell off my chair and broke. My heart was shattered as well. I didn't capture the bubbles, the call pulling away... those moments where lost. This still bothers me to this day!

Photo three: "fail to fall" My family and I took a vacation this last summer to Portland Oregon. As we were shuffling family members from car to car, and getting them dropped off at their final locations, I was separated from my camera case on the way to Multnomah Water fall. It of course was going to be the day I catch the double rainbows bouncing off the eye pleasing waterfall. -Needless to say this ruined my day, knowing I couldn't capture this.

Photo four: "Bam-Damn" This summer I was walking in Fred Meyer's to my car, and as soon as i ducked inside my seat, a car BLEW UP in the intersection right in front of me! Once the smoke had recited the owner of the vehicle popped the hood and flames came billowing out! I knew if I had been there with my camera the news paper would of loved that.

Photo five: "favorite tree" I have a favorite tree here in town, its on College Rd. They now have it all strung with Christmas lights thats stay on year round. One day I was out for a drive and the sun was beaming across this tree so perfectly, I had really wished my camera was at my side! Never again would I catch that lighting, I can't even remember what time of year that was now.
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