Friday, March 27, 2009

Why do you take photographs?

1. I always wanted to take a photograph of the water fountain in the middle of my hometown in Germany. When I went back there 2 years ago it was no longer there for my enjoyment. I wish I had taken the picture because I like the way the setting was with the fountain in the middle of the town. It didn't make the town growded looking and the way the water flowed from it was so beautiful and breath taking.

2. I also wanted to take a picture of the church in Germany where I had my Communion when I was 15 years old. It was a very old church, but still looked very beautiful. I like the arcitecture of that church. It is still there, but didn't get a chance to go to the town it was in. Now I am not able to go there so easily to get that photograph.

3. When I was on my way home from Chena Hot Springs one night there was the beautiful Northern Lights. It was -30 and I had been outside enough in the cold for one evening (walked in the cold to the hot springs). I didn't want to get out and take the picture and was sure that I would seem them again one day when I went out there. It has been 2 years and I haven't had the pleaure to see them again. Next time I will get out and take that picture.

4. I had always wanted to take a picture from the very top of the Statue of Liberty. I think it would have been a very beautiful sight. When my daughter went last year with her family she informed me that you can no longer go to the very top, but you can go inside somewhat. I also would like to take a picture of Lady Liberty from the Fairy.

5. I have always taken pictures of my kids on the rides at the German carnivals, but I wish I would have taken pictures of the carnival as a whole. I miss being able to go to that great event and wish I had pictures to show my grand children of the carnival that I used to take their mom and uncle to.
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