Friday, March 27, 2009

First Assignment/Second Assignment

Why do I take photographs? I take pictures for various reasons. Sometimes for memory keepsakes, sometimes for pictures to add to a room or a scrapbook, sometimes for history sake and sometimes for fun.

Five pictures that I did not take, but wished I had: The first one would be the pictures from my oldest son's high school graduation, my camera froze and I missed the photos. The next picture would be more pictures of the farm I grew up on. I have so many memories in my head, but wish I had pictures to share a more visual experience for my children. I also wish that I would of photographed the Mendenhall Glacier when I lived near there. I figured since I could see it from my porch that it would always be there to view. Now when I went back it has receded so much all the colors of blue seem to have disappeared. I wish I would have taken pictures of the wildlife I seen on my first road trip within Alaska. I saw so many different wild creatures and have no pictures of any of them. Finally, I wish I would have taken more landscape photos in New Hampshire during fall foliage, the colors were so vibrant and the leaves have so many different shapes.

The photo I found that I like is a shot of a reflection of birch trees in a stream with snow all around.

I enjoy the photographs by John Shaw. He is a nature photographer. I love all aspects of nature photography, not only landscapes, but also critters and close-ups of earth objects.
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