Saturday, March 28, 2009

5 Photographs

1. I don't remember how young my brother was , but he lost his first tooth and was ecstatic. He believed to the tooth fairy was going to make rich. He had the biggest gapped tooth smile. I wish I could have captured the happiness on his face.

2. One day after a short thunderstorm, the sun came back out and I spotted a double rainbow. I've never seen that before, but i didn't have a camera on me. I haven't seen one since that day.

3. At the dog sled race my camera battery was dead. I wanted to take pictures of the auctioning of the animal furs, and was highly disappointed.

4. During a basketball game one of my friends dunked the ball from the free throw line. it seemed like he was in the air forever. I wish i could have captured his mid air flight, but I was in the game.

5. Back in December I spotted a moose on campus next to my dorm. The moose was eating off of the trees. It was so peaceful, but I didn't have my camera on me.
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