Saturday, March 28, 2009

1st Assignment: 5 photographs I did not take, but wished you had.

1. My father, sitting aside a cash register and behind a counter. We were confectioners back then and he was selling school kids candy during their lunch break. I couldn't help but notice how much fun he was having while laughing and talking with the kids.

2. It was a once in a lifetime hike throughout the Pico de Europe mountains in northern Spain. After several hours climbing a sharp incline we emerged out of a dense fog to find ourselves on top of a cloud which stretched for miles along the coast. For a moment it felt like I was walking on top of another dimension.

3. I was fortunate enough to have a good seat within a relatively small; yet, acoustically excellent theater to hear jazz great Miles Davis play. There were many moments that would have been photographically satisfying but the image I loved most was when he was alone, far off to one side, looking down or aways while others continue to play. He had this haunting detachment occupying his overall expression and I wished I could have the picture. However, for some inexplicable reason taking a camera didn't even occur to me.

4. It was a night time event at Creamer field where people came out and looked through each others scopes and talked about astronomy. But the real show, or distraction according to some, came later that evening, when the auroras borialis blanketed the sky from east to west. Until then, I've not known how mystifyingly beautiful they were.

5. As I was bike riding throughout the winter going to and from work a shadow would often emerge beneath me casting a reflection and silhouette of my body on top of the bike. What was interesting was that my exhaled breath would look like a dark mist momentarily being expelled from my head. Maybe a good B&W.
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