Thursday, March 26, 2009

5 Photographs I did not take, but wish I had

1. I wish I had taken a picture of the mother Dall sheep teaching her young to not only jump the rapids at the Savage River, but also of them smelling us humans as they passed within a foot of us on the footpath on a hill in Denali National Park. There must have been two dozen folks on the trail and the sheep casually sniffed and passed each one of us!
2. There was a local transient I saw from the bus some five years ago, and it appeared that he had a major infection from a broken jaw. Sad as it was, I wish I taken taken a photo to chronicle the ailments of the local inebriates and the need for funding to help them with sobriety and getting on their feet. I only saw him once again after that.
3. There used to be an older woman in town that toted a Radio Flyer around Fairbanks filled with yellow legal pads and pencils. She would write nasty letters to the government and various politicians with her complaints. She wore an old dingy reddish-orange life preserver because she said she was drowning in the chaos of our governments wrong-doings.
4. When I was in my last couple of years in high school in New York, I used to jog along the beach at night with my dog Katie. One night she found a baby stingray that looked like it was "gasping for air," as it was laying on the sand less than six feet from the ocean. I carefully placed it back into the water as I heard the anxious barks of my dog. I wish I had photographed it so others may better understand the eeriness of it's facial expression that I saw.
5. I wish I had taken a picture of my godson Timmie when I first met him at less than three weeks of age. In our first introduction, he took a nap as I was holding him and the look of wonder on his face, matched mine when he awoke.
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