Friday, March 27, 2009

first assignment

1. The first time Hunter did a 360 standing up in a kneeboard. His facial expression was hilarious.

2. I went to Onion Portage to collar caribou and used up all my film before we even started collaring, which was bad. Watching the caribou get to the shallow water was unforgettable and I wish other people could have seen it.

3. My graduation night. We all decided to not take cameras so there are no pictures of anything we did. Now, I wish there were.

4. Driving to Nome from Council we saw a few herds of Musk-ox. They just looked really neat with the mountains and flowers around them.

5. I wish I would have had a camera this whole summer. I worked for NSEDC at the Fish and Game camp doing a juvenile coho research project and got to see a lot of wildlife and just wish I had pictures of it.
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