Friday, October 10, 2008

Photoediting Assignment 2

Here are the 4 photos for the assignment all edited with Picasa. After looking at them for a while, I really like how the third photo was edited. That picture really reminds me of what the day had to offer; the early morning light was perfect, clam, clear, and fantastic colors.

Here is my original photo.

This photo has only been cropped. I always have trouble deciding if I should ever do more than just crop a photo. I have many pictures that just get cropped because I like the idea of remembering exactly what the camera saw.

This photo is what I remember about that day. The colors popped out at me, that water was a perfect mirror and I only remember a little sky in the photo. For this effect I:
cropped the photo to take out some of the sky
increased the color saturation just a bit - too much really takes it out of proportion
boosted the shadows
added a warmer overall feeling to the photo by sliding the temperature up a little
sharpened with just one sharpening click

I also love black and white photos. There is just something about a classic black and white that moves me. For this photo I:
cropped the sky but left more than the photo above
clicked the black and white tab
increased the shadows a bit
used the color slider to add a little warmth overall
sharpened the photo with one sharpening click
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