Monday, October 20, 2008


For those trying to diagnose why a photograph works, or does not work, look at the EXIF data, or Metadata. Check the ISO, the shutter speed, the aperture, and the focal length. The rule of thumb is that you can not handhold a camera unless the shutter speed is the equivalent of the focal length of the lens in 35mm equivalent. For instance if the focal length of the lens is 50mm the shutter speed should be 1/60 to stop camera motion. IS or VR can allow a lower shutter speed for camera motion, but it can do nothing about subject motion. Even if the shutter speed is fast enough, you need to hold your camera steady to minimize camera motion. To decrease camera or subject motion you can increase your ISO, but that will lead to more noise. Also the closer something is to your lens, or the longer your focal length, the greater the chance is for subject and camera motion to become a problem. To understand the settings you used for a photograph the EXIF data can help you diagnose and improve your camera skills,
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