Saturday, October 11, 2008

Common errors photos from Google!

Although I tried to post several photos from Google showing the common errors depicted in the previous assignment, the exploring digital photography site continually indicated that all labels could not exceed 200 characters and would not let me publish my photo postings. I will try again with a new posting rather than attempt to edit the previous postings.

Subject blur/partially blurry photograph

Motion blur/Totally blurry photograph

Depth of Field/Wrong plan of focus photograph

Over exposure/Washed out

Under exposure/Too dark

Incorrect white balance/Wrong color

These are examples of the common errors in photographs as taken from a Google site. Each of these photos can be individually selected and changed to reflect the viewer's desire. I wanted to post my photos but cannot yet connect my camera to my computer. I plan to utilize the University computers to connect my camera for posting my pictures for review.

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