Saturday, October 18, 2008

Homework #1

Homework 1

What photographs do you wish you had taken, but did not?

I spent a lot of time taking night sky pictures. I did photograph Comet Hyakutake did not photograph Comet Hale-Bopp.

It seemed at the time that everyone was of at night with a camera getting pictures of Hale-Bopp and there was a lot of politics within the astronomy community that I was avoiding. I now wish I had spent the time out at night and ignored the BS.

It is now so “easy” to work at night with the digital camera. Instead of trying many different settings in the blind. Bring the film in the next day and then make changes the next night. A slow long process. Also getting the photographs printed was often a pain. So often they would say there was nothing and you would have to insist they print.

The instant feedback has allowed so much more “fun” and chances to experiment at night and then the processing on the computer can bring out so much now.

Photographic Seeing: The Essential Camera Concepts: How does the camera
1. Look on the web for a single photograph that you like, post the URL to the
photograph to the course web log. The first picture in the Feelings link below. I can’t get it out alone.

2. Also look on the web for a photographer that you like and post a URL to a web site
that shows the photographers work.

I have been trying to learn about sports photography and I spend time just looking through these.

This is type of pictures I am working toward


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