Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Week Five

Week 5: More camera skills: How do I use a camera to capture what I

1. Review Site 1 summarize their conclusions
I found my first review on This review establishes that the Kodak digital z700 was made to be very simple with wonderful features for beginners such as me. It has features such as “point and shoot” capabilities, auto and manual functions as well as sharing capabilities to send pictures via e-mail.
2. Review Site 2 summarize their conclusions
My second review comes from the website that gave more detail about the z700. I believe this site is a very good site when deciding to buy the Kodak digital z700. If anyone wants to buy this camera, I would strongly suggest you visit this site it gives so much information, just like the manual. I looked at my manual and the website and they are very close in comparison. For example, the website shows you picture taking modes and how to use each mode such as auto, scene, sport, landscape, close-up, video, favorites, and it also shows you how to use the camera step by step. This is a wonderful site and I approve this review. J
3. Review Site 3 summarize their conclusions
My third review comes from the website, which gave more information than the first one but still short. This site shows that this digital camera is use for those who enjoy simple picture taking without the major manual settings done by SLR. It shows that the camera has a 5x optical which brings pictures in from a long way up close and it uses a 4 MP CCD imaging chip which was discuss in review one. It also shows the easiness of the printer and how one can take a picture and print minutes after for friends and family.

I feel the three advantages would be “point and shoot”, auto and manual functions, lens capabilities, and one more, printing. I joke, one extra more, it’s small and can fit in my pocket.
The disadvantages would be, it does not have the capability to shoot long range such as Kodak SLR, It’s big and bulky, and it cost lots of cash or lots of money out of your credit card.
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