Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Konica Minolta Dimage 6 Camera Reviews

Patty Meritt

I search several sites for reviews on my Konica Minolta Dimage 6, but when searching the sites you recommended I found them limited. There were far more reviews on the Dimage 5 and some on the Dimage 7. The Dimage 5 appears to be very similar in appearance and specifications. Consequently I read the reviews on that one and then did a general search, specific to the DZ6 and came up with the following sites.

Strengths of the camera:

Rated the best camera or second best in its price range
A wide range of options from auto to many more sophisticated settings including manual exposure controls
The anti-shake feature allows the 12X zoom to be effective
6 mega pixels with 2 inch monitor
Good tabbed menu system


It is not SLR
No RAW feature
Several reviews complained about the battery life of the Dimage 5 and I saw one review that mentioned it on the DZ6. A different one said battery life was “impressive” on the DZ6. Some of the reviews commented that the movie quality dropped on the DZ6; I wonder if they tried to improve battery life. This has not been a problem on the Dimage 6 for me but perhaps it is because I routinely carry extra batteries and a charger.
Quality of the video is poor, but I don’t use that feature, as I have regular video cameras
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