Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1: Reviews, strengths, and weaknesses

REVIEW 1 (Digital Camera Resource Page):

The camera has excellent zoom (10x) and 5.0 megapixels, without the bulk of other cameras that usually has these two features. It has a well built body and has optical image stabilization. It also can delete several photos instead of one at a time. It has a movie mode. It does have it’s disadvantages as well. The camera however, has a tendency to be a bit noisy, and has a problem with red eye.

REVIEW 2 (Digital Photography Review):

It has an AF response time. It has a powerful zoom in a compact design and is perfect for travel. To help even more with travel, it has many built-in scene modes. It has a high sensitivity feature which increases shutter speed. Its auto focus is a bit faster than most other cameras. It has a high resolution.

I have a found doubts about this review. It’s lavish praise about the camera makes me think that the author is biased.

REVIEW 3 (Imaging Resource):

It has an excellent stabilization feature. It has a great 10x optical zoom. All sorts of built in scene modes. It has a decent-sized LCD display, helpful for its option of bringing up several pictures on the screen at once. It has a great, customized shot-to-shot time. However, the LCD monitor has a tendency to be inaccurate. It’s flash range is limited. Has some lens flare problems.


Good image stabilization.

Great 10x optical zoom.

19 built in scene modes.


LCD can sometimes be inaccurate.

Flash is a bit weak.

Built in memory is very small.

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