Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Reviews for the Canon Rebel XTI

There was a ton of reviews on my camera. However I found these to be some of the most helpful.




(incredible amount of information with great pictures and charts.)

3 Positive Things about the Canon Rebel XTi

There is an EOS integrated cleaning system which keeps small particles of dust from showing up on your prints.
The Canon Rebel XTi produces image quality that is superior to that produced by its 10-megapixel competitors.
The canon rebel XTi has an excellent 10.1 mega pixel sensor which produces low noise picture with great detail.

3 Negative things

The body and the inside of the camera are all plastic. Therefore, it will not stand a whole lot of abuse maybe a few drops, some rain, and dust.
The magnification of an object as you peer through is not as good as the Nikon D200 and D80. Greater magnification is more comfortable and easier to verify you picture is in focus.
There is no spot metering on the Canon Rebel XTi as there is on some of the competitors.
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