Monday, March 10, 2008

My Photo Errors

1. Subject blur/Partially blurry photo

This picture I took of a silk flower. It was completely still, yet it turned out pretty blurry in this shot.
3. Depth of Field/Wrong Plan of focus

I took this picture of my desk lamp. That was my main point of focus, yet it came out with the calendar in the back as the focused object, not the lamp.

4. Over Exposure/Washed out

I took this picture of my Mom's dog, Biff. The setting was automatic flash, which made this photo washed out and too light.

5. Under exposure/Too Dark

This is a picture of a Jesus figure, in my parent's living room. It came out darker than what I expected, due to dark lighting.

6. Incorrect White Balance/Wrong Color

This picture came out all wrong in color. It was the way the lighting was on the floor and reflecting off of all the other light colors in the photo. I had the flash off.
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