Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Camara Reviews


Review #1: Steve's Digicams
Good: He says that is is a good overall camera for the class it is in. It has a 1/10 lag when pre-focused and 4/10 sec lag when auto focused. The lens has a range of 34-103mm and has little distortion on both ends of the spectrum. The flash has a decent range and doesn't over do it. In portraits it has good exposure and keeps the skin tones natural looking.
Bad: The LCD is difficult to use in bad light and it also turns off when shooting in burst mode. It also only has 2.4 fps on that setting. From picture to picture with the flash on the is a 1.8 sec wait in between frames. I personally don't like that, it is to slow.
Overall a decent camera for anyone that is an amateur and wants a little bit of versatility to expand with.

Photo Forums: I found this camera on a lot of forum buts not a lot of information. It was mostly a question with a very limited answer. In general the field was split on the goods and the bads just as in Steve's review.

CNET review:

The good: Excellent performance; easy operation.

The bad: No manual exposure/focus controls; somewhat bulky for a compact.

The bottom line: Fast, simple operation makes this a choice camera for budget-minded newbie snapshooters.

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