Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ivan Does Week 3 Assignment

I finally found a picture I like for it's photographic qualities on the Net. -- Goto Menu --> Galleries --> Fashion and look at the 13th picture over. Sorry for no direct link but it's all in Flash.

The picture of a woman with white skin, very red lips and pale blond hair. It uses very few colors and concentrates on the contrasts. It's a very cool picture for the way it brings out detail by removing almost everything else.

The Photographer is Bambi Cantrell, She does a lot of posed photographs... OK, Steve, they may not be real world but they are well done. As stated above she works a lot with contrasting backgrounds to bring out the focus of her subject. Darn Nifty if you ask me. In this case it's the Artzy part that made me choose her for my current favorite photographer.
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