Monday, November 19, 2007

Wk 9 Photoshop Edit/Enhance by Marilyn

Final Product:
1. Added color to my Mom's photo: blue sky, green scrave, pale pink face with red lips.
2. Added a photo of my bro Jr with his dog grabbing the photo with a lasso tool and moved it to 1st layer (My Mom's photo. I then transformed the picture by resizing it to him look his age/size.
3. Added a photo of my Father, blurred it, and used the lasso tool to move it to the 1st layer; I then transformed it to resize the image bigger to make it appear as big as the 1st layer photo.
4. I flatten all the layers together and added a filter to give it an artistic flare: grainy appearance.
1st layer.
2nd layer
3rd layer
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