Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My "Bunkin" Photo

This is my son when he was 2 and wearing his Blues clues Halloween costume. Our house was bear when we first moved in so i had fun with the light angles and brightness of a room when taking pictures.

Using Picasa2, with this photo I applied Focal black and white to sepereate the color tones. I increased highlights and shadows as well as the color saturation in addition to a soft focus to give the picture a glowy touch.

With the 2nd photo I applied a gratuated tint and warmified the image to set different tones in accordance to the blue costume and warm tone of the teddy bear. I also increased the glow and film grain. then I increased the saturation of the colors to a warm degree of yellow.

I absolutely love how this image came out. Obviously I applied a black and white color depiction to the photo and continued to increase the highlights and shadows for color sharpness. I applied a gratuated tinit at the bottom angle of the feet to brighten the light shown from another view. I added a glow and soft focus for an artistic image view. This image edit is my "gothic" view to a homefy infant picture.

Jaime Lowery
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