Monday, November 19, 2007

Lesson 10 Project - Part 2 by Kathy Adams

One of my jobs at work is to take photographs of people for our webpage; I asked my friend if I could use her picture for this assignment and she said I could.
This is the original picture, only resized so as not to take up too much room.

Evaluation and Tuning:

I downloaded this picture from my camera's storage disk and looked at it in Photoshop 6 to see if it was good enough for what it was needed for.

1.) needed to be cropped; our web designer said he needs all photos to be ratio 3:4 so I set my crop tool to crop for a 9x12 size.

2.) saw that "red eye tool" needed to be used: zoomed in on red eyes and adjusted red eye tool for pupil size 43%; darken amount 60%; had to clone some of the red eye because the red eye tool just wouldn't fix it completely on its own

3.) went to the levels layer and lightened to get this reading: 10, 1.32, 219

4.) because of the flash I had some shadows so I zoomed in on the shadow areas and used the clone tool settings from 11 px to 25px; normal, to take out the shadows

5.) used healing brush set to 11px proximity match, to clean up the young man's face and had to use the clone tool for some areas; also used the clone tool to fix mom's smile where tooth was showing through smile

6.) Lighting tools: Adjust color - skin tone; to get a more realistic color range I used the eyedropper and clicked onto some skin till I got the colors I wanted

7.) Adjust colors - color variations to take out some of the reds; midtones: decreased red about 33% and lightened midtones; shadows darkened about 33% and set saturation about 15% darker

8.) Healing brush and clone tool, set on 55px, proximity match, on background to make it look softer

9.) Filter: Correct Camera Distortion - added vignette: amount -83 and midpoint set at +29

10.) Flattened image to lock all the layers together

11.) saved as a jpeg

12.) resized for this webpage and for e-mail I will not use the resized photo for my original purpose.

This is the final result:

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