Friday, November 16, 2007

Edited Photo 3 ways

Edited Photo #3:
I wanted to achieve more of a west coast feel to this particular photo, using more highlights, more color saturation, and more of an over all warmth to the photo. Again, I used Lightroom to adjust the color balance, and enhanced the highlights and shadowing using CS2, I also used levels to enhance contrast and details, and as a finishing touch added a ivory warming filter to the overall photo.

Edited Photo#2:
Again, I edited this particular photo for enhanced detail, and a sort of "timeless" appeal to the overall picture......I particularly enjoy fashion photography, and commercial photography, so I wanted the same sort of contrast and depth to the photo, which I achieved using Lightroom, for color adjustment, and levels in CS2 to adjust highlights and shadowing. Finally I used Selective Color for individual fine tune adjustments.

Edited Photo#1
I used Adobe lightroom and Adobe CS2 to adjust the shadows and highlights to bring out more contrast in the photo. I decided to give the photo more of a east coast cool tone feel to it by adjusting the color saturation in Lightroom.

Original Photo: from a series of photos taken for a local high school senor's yearbook photo.

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