Friday, November 23, 2007

Roger M. Marty - CIOS 258 Lesson Week 12

Sharing Photographs
Updated: 28-Nov-2007
You will find my "shared" photographs at:
Why do I share photographs?
To hopefully give others the pleasure that I get from the experience.
Who is my audience?
Anyone that has an interest or will take the time to look
at the photos and hear the story behind them.
What do I want to share?
The experience of the photo and what each individuals sees.
My motivation to share.
I am motived to share by the desire for feedback as to what is good and what is bad.
Not in the sense of what is photographically good but what is interesting and pleasing
to look at. What is in the photo (any part of it) that will make the viewer take that
extra few seconds or minutes to study it and enjoy what they are experiencing.
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