Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why I love taking photographs

Why I love taking photographs.

There are many reasons why I love to take photos. First, I like to take photos because I enjoy it. I thoroughly enjoy taking photographs. It is something that excites me; it’s as if I am capturing memories, which will last forever. I like to share my photos with others, so that they may capture the feeling of the picture(s), or the story behind the photo. Each photo has its own story, and that’s why I feel photography is an art. It can also be a way of expressing ones self, and inspiring others to do the same! Photography makes me happy, even if I’m the only one looking at the photos; it gives me a sense of creativity and perseverance. I encourage others to do the same. Photography is not just a hobby to me, it’s also an art.

Here you can view a few of my photo collections:

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