Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Week 12 Project by Kathy Adams

Sharing Photographs:

Why do I take photographs?

The world is an exciting place to live. The Lord has created many beautiful and interesting things for us to enjoy and I have an unquenchable desire to see all I can see of it. I want to take pictures of these things so I won’t ever forget their beauty. I search for beauty in the every day things of life, or in things that people won’t, or can’t, take time to see.

Sometimes if I am inspired to do so, I will edit my photographs in Photoshop to make them look like water colors.

Some day I would like to make a cd of different pictures I have made and put King James Bible Scriptures with them. I have already had offers from family and friends that they would buy these cds from me. I’m not sure I could charge for them, but I’d sure like to make at least one cd for them.

Who is my audience?

I take pictures of these beautiful things not only for my own benefit, but I have friends who are either too busy with little children and other friends who are too old and/or crippled to get out to enjoy these things any more and others who just desire to see what I see each day. Most times they enjoy seeing my world as I see it.

Why do I want to share?

I want to share because it makes me feel good to bring a spark of joy to those I love. We watch the news and hear only the bad and ugly because that is what sells, or so they tell me.

I want to show people that there is good also; that life is worth the living and that it can be bright, colorful, beautiful and joyful. It is where we choose to put our focus, it is our choice. I want to prove to them that they can find beautiful anywhere; they may just have to look for it a little harder at times.

You can see some of my pictures here:

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