Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why do I take photographs??

I take photographs because I love picking out the mundane that goes unnoticed everyday and freezing it in one frame.....that is able to convey how things so ordinary and unappealing can be so intensely wrought with history and beauty....and being able to show that unique beauty to others in a way that makes them realize how individual and beautiful the everyday can be.

Who is my audience?

Mainly myself....but also anyone who who appreciates unique beauty and individuality....I use photographs as a history of my emotional development.....rather then a depiction of history itself...the photos I take and how I take them and edit them is directly related to what emotions i'm feeling at the time or what changes are going on in my life.

Why do I want to share?

I enjoy sharing my photos because of the reactions I get out of people by viewing them....I also appreciate constructive criticism so that I may improve my photographic technique. Showing there is beauty in some of the most disastrous situations and places, all you have to do is look.....not all is lost...there is beauty in everything...however small and unimportant it may seem to the accusing eye.
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