Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Assignment 5: Camera reviews

Great value for low price.
User friendly interface with sample pictures along with options to show what effect that change will have on a picture.
Highly compatible with Windows Vista.

No live LCD viewfinder while taking photos, requires the user to use the eyehole.
No internal focus motor, be sure to get a lens with a motor in it.
AC power cord costs $100.


It is meant to work seamlessly with Windows Vista and in their tests, worked very well. As the D40 was just becoming a very popular camera, D40x was released only 4 months later. The biggest difference being in the change from 6 megapixels(D40) to 10.2 megapixels(D40x).

Costs $200 more than the D40 but with very good upgrades, questions why Nikon ever even released the D40. Later mentions that Nikon probably did it just to give consumers options and price variance. Size is small but not too small, like the Olympus E410
and Canon Rebel XTI, and has better grip as well.

Smallest, cheapest, yet still great quality. I find this one to be written the best for viewing basic statistics on the camera and comparing to the D40. Points out the fact that the lens is great for close ups but not long enough to do pictures like wildlife.
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