Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Student Questionaire

CIOS 258 Student Questionnaire

Name: Katrina Lynn Paul (Nelson)

Email Address for joining web log: akkatrina@yahoo.com

1. What camera do you currently have?
Canon Digital Rebel XT EOS

2. How well do you know how to use your camera?
I know how to put my camera on auto then point and shoot

3. Do you have your camera manual? Have you read the manual?
I have my manual, but I have only read it as I have needed to figure something out.

4. How many digital photographs, roughly, do you have on your computer or stored on CD’s?
Between work and home I have thousands of pictures on my hard drive, shared drive, and on CD’s.

5. Do you have many negatives that you would like to digitize? Roughly, how many?
Currently I do not have any, but I know my parents do and I would like to learn how to do this for future reference.

6. Do you have experience with Photoshop or other photo editing software? Describe your experience briefly.
I have some basic (very basic) Photoshop use. I have used Photoshop to crop, zoom, and do some basic editing, blurring, and cloning.

7. Are you a comfortable computer user? Would you briefly describe your experience?
I am comfortable using a computer; I use one at work for most of the day. I am proficient in Microsoft office, Dream weaver, Internet usage and various other programs. I have a very basic knowledge of Photoshop, Quark, PageMaker, and Adobe Acrobat

8. Can you list a least five things that you would love to learn from this course?
ü Altering photos into B&W and/or Septra
ü What all the settings on the camera mean, and why one would use them
ü How to use Photoshop to edit my pictures
ü How to use blogs efficiently and effectively
ü Understanding resolution, pixels, size and formats better
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