Wednesday, September 20, 2006

5 photos I did not take

College Parties

The crazy parties definitely come with the college life. Last year we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in our tiny apartment. Everywhere you looked was green from cups, to steamers, to hats, to balloons, to confetti, and our clothes were even green. I wish I captured all the laughter and craziness that was going throughout that night.

The Soccer Life

I wished I had a photo of this day…all my life I've been playing soccer for my dad's law firm. About two summers ago our team was unstoppable. We won game after game after game…it was the happiest feeling in the world. When we made it to the championship we were all pretty nervous, excited, and a bit tired because it was eight in the morning. We played our hearts during that game if we stumbled or fell we would keep on going. In the second half we were in the lead 2-0 and after that last whistle blew we jumped for joy and ran allover the field saying we’re number one.


Willy was our friendly energetic golden retriever that we dearly loved. Even though he bugged us when we were watching TV or when we were trying to eat at the dinner table. I remember on the night before Christmas we must have had five pies laid out and ready for Christmas brunch the next day. As we woke the next day we had a huge surprise in stored for us. Willy, the trouble-maker, ate all our delicious pies!! When I reached high school Willy became old and very weak so one day we took him to the vet and put him to sleep. I will never forget Willy, but I wish I had more photos of him.

No One Cared

I know this sounds pretty harsh, but I’m not too fond about beta fish. My mom used to have this bluish beta fish that she loved so much. Some how the fish got sick and his tail began to rot. Everyone knew this fish was done for by the looks of it, but my mom kept giving it medicine day after day. One day I heard my mom squeal, “He’s dead!” She then took out the fish net and scooped the poor guy out of the tank. My mom walked slowly towards me with the fish and said, “Would you like to say any last words.” I probably had the most confusing look on my face and I just had to laugh. I’m thinking it’s just a fish for goodness sake flush the fish down the toilet. I wish I took a photo of my mom right when she said those words because she sounded so sad and convincing.

Cruising in the Caribbean

A long time ago my grandma treated my mom, sister, and I to a cruise ship in the Caribbean. We were busy bees on that ship attending all the amazing shows and attending activities on and off the ship. I believe I got caught up in all the fun that I felt like I didn’t have the time to take any photos around or off the ship. I was going to take a photo of the stingrays but for some reason I thought it would distract them. I wished I took photos on the cruise so I would have a better memory of the whole trip.
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