Sunday, September 24, 2006

Camera manual

Adjust the ISO?
- Manually adjusting the ISO is only possible using the creative zone modes (P, Tv, Av, M & A-DEP). There's a quick button next to the LCD display for the "ISO" which lets me go to the menu options and select either ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 or 1600 speed.

Color balance?
- Does this mean the white balance? If not, then I don't know how to adjust it on my camera.. If it means the WB, there's a similar button next to the screen "WB" which allows me to choose from 8 different options, auto, day light, shadow etc.. Works also only using the creative zone modes.

Exposure compensation?
- I can under/over expose my picture in the creative zone modes by simultaneously pressing down one button (Av+-) and turning another (Main Dial).

File size and compression?
- I go to menu and from the first tab I select size/compression. This will allow me to choose from L(3456x2304), M(2496x1664) or S(1728x1152). For each size there are two possible compression settings: fine and normal. Here I can also choose if I want to take pictures in RAW+JPG or only in RAW.

Exposure meter mode?
- In the creative zone modes I press a button next to the LCD. This is a button with a square marking and something in the middle of the square, looks almost like en eye. This takes me to the menu where I can select between evaluative metering, partial metering and center-weighted averaged metering.

Macro focusing?
- This is one of the basic zone modes. I need to choose this mode, focus, zoom and shoot. All the metering will be automatically done by the camera.

Flash mode?
- In the creative zone modes I can choose to have the flash burst even if it doesn't automatically pop-up. This can become handy if there's too much light coming from behind the object, a person for example. To choose not to have a flash at all, I need to turn the dial to the non-flash auto mode. In the basic zone modes flash photography is fully automatic. In creative zone modes, flash can be used whenever necessary. Canon EOS 350D offers an extensive line of features for playing around with the flash and I really don't know yet how it all works.
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