Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Describe, briefly, five photographs that you did not take, but wished you had?

- When I moved right before I went to get married I wish I had gotten at least one picture of the truck loaded and the people who helped, as this was the day before I left town and what an experience this all was, including be a stepping stone of my life, stressful, joyous and crazy.
- When the black bear scurried across the road almost directly in front of our truck and went down the embankment into the woods
- Getting fitted for my wedding dress. My friend Jodi was so stressed out and worried my dress would not be done in time, though I will write about it in my journal catching some of the intimate details and expressions to help with the documentation would have been better
- Kenon, my husband receiving his diploma from UAF. I have the program, the announcement but no real good pictures for this momentous occasion
- Pictures or at least one picture of my grandfather from a visit to his home in Florida when I was 16. My grandfather passed away soon after we visited him and I do not have any picture from our visit and it is something I can never get back.
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