Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Olympus DSLR 520-E: Three Reviews


1.) A well thought-out Super Control Panel
which minimizes the need for engaging the menus.
2.) Fully customizable RAW + JPEG
3.) Good image quality at low ISO settings.
4.) In-body image stabilization which benefits all lens.

1.) Small viewfinder
2.) Disappointing high ISO performance
3.) Auto focus provides only three focus points.
4.) Dynamic range is limited, leading to more clipped highlights.


Overall, this camera is consider to be pretty good. It is lightweight with a 10 megapixel sensor that incorporates most of its characteristics from their predecessor the E-420. The big new feature is contrast-based auto-focusing in live-view which will also support a face detection option. The biggest criticism is that the camera tries to incorporate to many features and trades-off being exceptional at any one thing. However, given the cost and acknowledging what it dose do well this camera is generally consider to be of excellent value.
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