Thursday, April 23, 2009


Cannon Power Shot Sd1100

In review,it compares the Cannon Powershot SD 1100 not only to cameras from other companies, but also to its predecessor the Cannon Powershot SD 1000.The critic starts out already by saying it isn't the editors choice for cameras,but not the best thereis. There are a lot of good features on the camera,such that is produces sharper image quality and has a wider wide angle lens than comparable cameras in its class.The camera comes in a variety of colors and loses its' boxyness from its earlier model. It has antireflective coating, which make it great to shoot in sunlight. The camera is very good at taking ISO shots compared to other models. It is a great point and shoot camera. being worth its price.

The review on this site goes into a lot of technical about the camera. The critic writes about the 3x optical zoom lens and its advanced optical imaging stabilization. It also has great face detection technology able to distingguish nine faces at once. With the chip in this camera, it leaves all other camers behind. The chip assists with extending camera life and improves imagequality.The camera has 18 shooting modes.It is equipped with an LCD screen as well as a viewfinder.

Both sites say the camera is well above all competitors among its class.It did not improve over its predecessor as far as image quality. The buttons are flat against the wheel,which make it just a little bit harder to distinguish between a few buttons. It went from a seven megapixel camera to an eight megapixel camera. Images stabilization technology has been to make picture taking better as well as high and better processor.The price is comparable to the quality of the camera even if it isn;t the cheapest on the market C.W.
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