Sunday, April 26, 2009

First assignment


This is a picture of Neuika which is a coral reef in New Caledonia. In my opinion; it has been taken from a helicopter. This picture shows all the different blue contrasts. We notice that with a unique color we can get a really nice picture because of its blue contrasts.


Perhaps the most gripping aspect of this photograph is the powerful display of natural ambient tones, captured in the crisp oranges, blues, and greens. The browns and greys captured in lesser intensity and filling the background are beautifully muted.


This is an extrem close shot: the resol

ution and the details of the bug are really fine.

I have no idea how the photographer did it without frightening the bug.


According to me, take shots of soccer games is very difficult because we can’t know when something interesting happens. So, photographers have to take a lot of photographs and review all of them.


I think the technique is interesting: the photographer is taking ten or maybe more pictures in a row.

This picture is not a montage: the man is really jumping horizontally. This is a metaphor for representing the flexibility of the body according to the regid design of buildings.

Second assignment

As light bounces off an object, it reflects the image of that object, which is the basic principle that all cameras rely on to capture images. When you hold a camera in front of your subject, to take a picture or movie, the light reflects from the scene, and strikes the lens of the camera, then forms an inverted or upside down image on the far inside wall of the camera. Another way to illustrate this concept would be to stand in a small, dark, windowless room during daylight. If you were to make a small pinhole into the center of the outside wall, light would stream into the room. The image of the outside scene beyond the wall would be projected onto the back wall. Yet, it would be upside down.

Go to Then to English version and then to photograph. You can choose which continent you want.

His photos are amazing because they are original. He took his pictures from a helicopter and we can see strange landscapes from the sky. My favorites are the ones from islands or Africa. They are full of color and show a really nice view of Earth. One even shows a heart-shaped island.

Sudre Pierre-Henri

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