Saturday, April 04, 2009

Camera Reviews Canon XSi(DSLR) & Nikon L18 (point & shoot)

Both of these reviews also have lots of my use experiences.

Canon XSi

This last site was more a bunch of user comments. I like to read these to get general user comments.

Can be used in a auto mode that takes good pictures
Things that get hyped in this camera

3 inch LCD with Live View - personally I don’t use it much but for some shots it is nice.
Image stabilization in the lens - I have it and I like it better i the body of my Pentax k10d
12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor - this is good, I like the high resolution pictures
Canon’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System -
3.5 frames per second -
SDHC Card instead of CF card as in the past. The cards are now available big and fast enough to keep up with camera.
DIGIC III image processor
ISO Auto, and 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 - this has been a good range at times I wish I wish I had a 3200.
Lots of control, Even though the computer hooked to the camera. I have done some of this.
RAW and Jpeg

Taking pictures at events the camera sounds are real loud.
The ISO 1600 is a bit noisy. Sometimes wish had 3200.
The body feels plastic - I like the body feel

Nikon L-18

Easy to use and takes good pictures in the auto mode and even a easy auto mode
Face Priority - to help make the face in focus
D-Lighting - automatically creates a copy of the image with detail added where necessary, but with well-exposed areas left completely untouched. (seems to work)
Uses SDHC cards - can going big
Lots of Modes, even video
Macro mode works well
Large LCD Screen
ISO up to 1600 for low light (auto adjust - no user control)
Anti- Shake - really helps

No shuttle or Aperture Priority
Battery life short, can use rechargeable batteries but make sure you change the setting in the camera set-up - still short life.
No View Finder - hard to use in bright light
Pretty slow shutter lag
Have to use the download cable that came with camera not a standard USB cable, but you can use a card reader.
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