Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Week 9 Lesson

Editing & Enhancing a Photo 3 Different Ways

Above is the original photo.  I took this on a typically cool, rainy, dreary August day in Prince William Sound.  

For my first edit, I decided to leave the photo in color but hopefully improve the exposure and highlights.  I didn't want to do too much to the color, because the scene really did look dreary and I thought that was nice, not to mention realistic.  I added a curves adjustment layer and lightened the dark areas then darkened the light areas.  I thought this brought out the sky nicely.

I removed the color from this photo by desaturating (Image-Photo-Desaturate), then selected the history brush to paint back the green on the channel marker.  I used curves to adjust tone and brightness.  I really like this one because the green marker was the only bright spot in the sound that day!  

On the above photo, I applied quadtoning.  First I converted the photo to B&W using the Lab color mode (Image-Mode-Lab Color), then to Grayscale (Image-Mode-Grayscale).  Next step was Image-Mode-Duotone-Quadtone-Load to find the Quadtone presets in the Photoshop CS3 folder and load them.   I used levels and curves to adjust tone and brightness.  I like it, it was fun doing, but it looks better on a full screen.

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