Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Editing and Enhancing Photos 2

The first picture is the original. It was taken around May 2005, the day of my graduation from Ben Eielson High School. My parents got me a 5-string bass guitar, since I'm a musician.
This photo was fixed up with Auto Color. When I saw this, I noticed the walls had a tint of yellow on 'em (which got on my nerves) and so I used it to fix it up and it actually looks like the walls of my house should be.
This photo was fixed up with enhancing the Highlights. One thing I have noticed in the original how some of the areas are a bit darkened. So I decided to make the picture a bit more...lightened.
This picture was enhanced with Sharpen. The photo looked a bit fuzzy to begin with, since it came from 2005, so I used Sharpen and now I think it looks a lot better :)
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