Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ivan does lesson 6

Cameras these days work to prevent you from making mistakes, the easy modes and program modes are set to work most of the time. In order to learn to control your camera you need to make it so that it does not take pictures correctly. Create photographs that document and show the following common errors.

1. Subject Blur/Partially Blurry Photographs

Phone cord moving.

2. Motion Blur/Totally blurry photographs

Camera moving.

3. Depth of Field/Wrong plane of focus

Notice the plant in the center back left is in focus better the the plant in the center of the picture.

4. Over exposure/Washed out

Overexposure was taken by accidentally moving 2 stops in the wrong direction for shutter speed to adjust for sunny 16 on an f8 stop.

5. Under exposure/Too Dark

To many shadows...

6. Incorrect White Balance balance/Wrong color

Very much the wrong color.
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