Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Week 9: Editing and Enchancing

Week 9: Editing and enchancing
I have chosen Picasa 2 for my tools to edit and enchance a pciture of my granddaughter at the Festival of Native Arts dance at the University of Alaska.

This is the original picture of my granddaguther and her friend at the Festival of Native Arts. I wanted to use this because I can edit the picture three times with different futures.

I thought this picture was pretty dark and one could not really see the native mask in the back, so I lighted the picture using fill light. I made the dark background look light.

I wanted the total focus on the two girls and black the backside to cut out anyone else that might take the spot light from the two best friends using shadow.

I decided to go Black and White, its been a long time since I got to see black and white pictures because now days, everyone uses color.
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