Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Three Alternative Intentions

I took this picture as a memory to take home. For me this place represents something American, what we don’t have in my country.

First I cropped the photograph so that it represents better my intention. Then I adjusted the lighting levels, I darkened the highlights from the slider and added saturation. I also sharpened it just a bit. I think this looks much better than the original.

I wanted to see the picture in black and white, so I converted it. I selected Infrared Effect –style. This picture looks really different in black and white than in coloured. Black and white gives the photo an older atmosphere, like the picture was taken many years ago.

For the third photograph I copied the background and used hue/saturation –tool. I set the saturation to -100, so the photograph came out black and white. Then I used black brush on the mask to reveal some colour. I think this looks also nice, different than the others.
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