Monday, March 12, 2007

My Edited and Enhanced Photograph

I was a bit disappointed with Picasa regarding this particular subject. I took a very underexposed picture, shot at the Tanana Middle School gym and I enhanced the photo with the limited tools Picasa had to offer.

  1. I applied the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' feature.
  2. I applied the 'Auto Contrast' feature.
  3. I enhanced the photo with 'Auto Color.'
  4. I increased the fill light in the Tuning tab to about 25%.
  5. I applied neutral color with the 'Neutral Color Picker' located on the Tuning tab.
  6. I eliminated most of the grain with the 'Glow' feature located on the Effects tab. The Intensity of the glow is about 65% and the Radius is 25%.

Here is the result. The clarity is unsatisfactory and there are apparent spots that I couldn't get rid of. I am seriously considering purchasing Photoshop Elements.
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