Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Enhance Me!

Just kidding! Ok, here are my photos that I edited....

here is the original:

and here is the fixed photo:

what I did was using the measure tool, and the rotate arbitrary tool, then I cropped the photo to get rid of my brother's hand, then used the patch tool to get rid of the corner of my hand in the upper right corner of the crop. To finish, I used the red eye tool, and cleared up her eyes.

Here, just for fun, is that same picture after I messed a bit more with PhotoshopCS2... an addition to the above steps, I used a combination of an alpha channel, a selection, Gaussian blur, and the Levels control, to darken the room and highlight our faces. I then used the color substitution tool to make the background black and white, then lowered to opacity of the layer to let a little color show through... I then took a photo of a rose and put it in the background so that it is a little transparent. Finally I inserted some text and added a drop shadow. Hee hee, Photoshop is fun!

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