Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Three Alternative Intentions

Obviously in this picture, the intention was to include as much scenery as possible. The focus is extremely grainy and the scenery is very unclear.

I decided to base the focus on my husband and I by cropping the image around us. I wanted to clear up the grain by using:
          1. I'm feeling lucky
          2. Auto Contrast
          3. Auto Color
          4. Chose Effects and sharpened the image.
          5. In the Effects tab I chose Glow. I adjusted the Intensity to 25% and the Radius to 25%.

I wanted to have a little fun by selecting Focal B+W in the Effects tab. I moved to focal point to our faces and I sharpened it to about 25%.

Even though the previous picture was satisfactory, I preferred the black and white version.
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