Thursday, March 08, 2007

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Subject Blur/Partially Blurry Photographs

Motion Blur/Totally blurry photographs

Over exposure/Washed out

Under exposure/Too Dark

Incorrect White Balance balance/Wrong color

3 Reviews
DC Resource - I'm not even going to try to sum up this one. Lets just say thats it very indepth and that if you don't know much about cameras its easy to understand. - The main thing the review had to say is that its stylish and fairly easy to use.
Steve's DigiCams - This review gave all sorts of improvements over G1 and specs for the camera as well as pictures of the camera. But it didn't give any negatives about the camera like weight,etc..

How to...
Camera is a Canon Poweshot G2.
Color Balance - Press the WB button next to the display, Press the <> on the omnibutton then press Set to select. Exposure Compensation - Press WB button next to back display 4 times, Press < > on omnibutton to expand or contract the range, Press Set. Exposure Meter Mode - Turn mode dial to P, TV, AV or M. Press Menu, Select Lighting Meter then Menu. Macro Focusing - Press the button w/ the flower icon. Flash Mode - Press button w/ lightning bolt icon to choose flash/auto-flash/no flash.
In any mode but video press menu to adjust the following: ISO - select ISO Speed, then choose speed, press menu. File Size and Compression - select resolution or compression, choose which setting from their respective menues, press menu.
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